An efficient legal counseling is able to minimize risks and as a consequence, the exposure to future problems. It is an important tool to guarantee the continuity of a company.

Advocacia Grassano is always focused in protecting its clients, striving and dedicating to assure the success of partner companies, minimizing risks and generating information, guidance and suggestions as a way to guarantee the safety of the measures taken by the company.

It was with this focus that the office started its activities in February 1994, with Mrs. Patricia Grassano Pedalino and Mr. Marcus Vinícius Bossa Grassano, performing in labor, civil, tax, contractual, environmental, corporate law.

Since 1995, due to the clients’ needs, the office has been working with international contracts, in the negotiation and drafting of contracts in English. This experience enabled the creation of services related to multinational companies with activities in Brazil and South America.

With the fast growth of the office, the administration decided for the implementation of a quality system what guided the organization of the office and its routines, specially in preventive counseling, guaranteeing its service with technique, knowledge and agility necessary in the current world.

Today, Advocacia Grassano has offices in Londrina and Campinas, with a staff of about 90 people, acting in all the relevant businesses with activities in Brazil and also in the international trade market.

  • Londrina

    Av. Higienópolis, 1601 - 17º. Andar
    86015-010 - Londrina - PR - Brazil
    Phone +55 43 3377 6500
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